Loading paper text

Loading papers as structured data

ICE has built-in functionality for parsing and loading papers, and includes some example papers that you can download. Here’s a minimal recipe that loads a paper and prints out the first paragraph (often the abstract):

from ice.paper import Paper
from ice.recipe import recipe

async def answer_for_paper(paper: Paper):
    return paper.paragraphs[0]


You can run the recipe as follows, providing the path to the downloaded paper as a keyword argument:

python paper_hello.py --paper path_to_downloaded_paper/keenan-2018.pdf

You’ll see a result like this:

Paragraph(sentences=['We hypothesized that mass distribution of a broad-spectrum antibiotic agent to preschool children would reduce mortality in areas of sub-Saharan Africa that are currently far from meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.'], sections=[Section(title='Abstract', number=None)], section_type='abstract')

Note that:

  • Papers are represented as lists of paragraphs.

  • Paragraphs are represented as lists of sentences.

  • Each paragraph has information about which section it’s from.

Try it with your own PDF papers!

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